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03 October 2012

The Queen's Lady (Lacey Chronicles #2)

The Queen's Lady by Eve Edwards is the second book in the Lacey Chronicles which takes place in the 1580s in London among higher society.

Lady Jane has been married for six months and is now Marchioness Rievaulx. Her father had practically locked her away when she broke her engagement to Will Lacey, but she could not marry the man that her best friend loved. Now she is married to a lovely older man who is like the father figure she never had, but he is dying.

Once her husband dies, Jane will go into service for the queen. It is one of the only safe ways to keep the fortune her husband plans on leaving her without his sons stealing it from her. And at court there is always a chance she will see James Lacey, Will's younger brother. Plus it will give her a chance to see her other best friend, Milly Porter, who is a seamstress in London.

When Jane left Lacey hall six months ago, James decided to join the war effort against the spread of Catholicism. He became a spy in the Low Countries. But as someone who was to be invisible he could do nothing to stop the slaughter he witnessed. Now he is home but haunted by images from the war and his brother has decided to send him to court to join the expedition to the new world.

Jane and James will meet at court, but will the affection they feel for each other be able to overcome their individual and shared pasts? Edwards has created a series that captures 1580s London high society with great characters. This is a fun read that will stick with readers.

Edwards, Eve. (2011). The Queen's Lady. New York: Delacourt.

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