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17 August 2016

Zero Day

Zero Day by Jan Gangsei combines intrigue, espionage, politics, terrorism, and more in a story about a kidnapped girl.

When Adele Webster was eight years old she was kidnapped. Right out of the Virginia governor's mansion. She has been missing for eight years.

Her father, now President Webster, has followed every lead or clue to find her. Now, a young woman has been found at a truck stop in Pennsylvania claiming to be Addie. She says she was kept in a lock room for most of her time with the couple who took her.

Once DNA confirms her identity, Addie has the challenge of settling into "normal" life in the White House. Her mother is, of course, thrilled she is home. Her younger sister is not home and no one will tell her where she is. And Addie has a sister who was born after she was taken.

Darrow, Addie's childhood best friend, has blamed himself for her kidnapping. If he had realized something was wrong and she wasn't just made at him, maybe she would have been found right away. This guilt has shaped him. Now that Addie is home, he just wants to be around her again.

But Addie has a secret. And a National Security Advisor will do anything he can to keep an eye on her until he is sure she is not a threat to the president.

Gangsei has written a great, fast-paced book. It is the perfect summer read.

Gangsei, Jan. (2016). Zero Day. New York: Hyperion.

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