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22 October 2012

Once (Eve #2)

Once by Anna Carey is the second book in her Eve trilogy - a dystopian future that takes elements of The Handmaid's Tale and The Road an adds them to a thrilling and compelling story.

Eve was raised in the School with the other orphaned girls. When she was about to graduate she heard a rumor that they would not be trained for a career in the building across the lake, they would be used to breed more humans to repopulate the US from a plague that had wiped out most of the population. When she confirmed for herself what was going on, she escaped.

Now Eve is living in Calfia - a camp that takes in women who need a safe place to live. But the whole time she has been away from the school she has been hunted by the King's soldiers. As valedictorian she was selected to go to the King of The New America - presumably to give him an heir. When she overhears one of the head women comment that she could be used as a bargaining chip if Califia is invaded, she decides to move on.

Before she even makes it out of San Francisco, Eve is caught by the King's soldier and taken to the City of Sand - the new capital, built where Las Vegas once stood. But Eve is not to be the King's concubine, she is his daughter.

Carey has created a fabulous series in which readers will lose themselves and pace ceaselessly until the next book is published. Read this series!

Carey, Anna. (2012). Once. New York: Harper.

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