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07 October 2012

Eve (Eve trilogy #1)

Eve by Anna Carey is the first book in her dystopian series in a post-plague America in the year 2032. A plague wiped out a huge part of the population of the United States and the New America is ruled by a King.

Eve and other girl orphans are in a school somewhere in the west of the US. They are surrounded by a wall that protects the girls from wild dogs, rebels, and other unnamed dangers. Eve has been at the school since she was five years old and her mother had the plague. Now her class is about to graduate. When they graduate they will be moved across the small lake to join the other graduates.

But the night before graduation, Eve sees a classmate Arden about to try to escape. Arden is convinced that the promised post-graduation life is not what they said it would be. Later that night Eve sneaks around the lake and looks in the window of the graduate center.

What she sees proves that she is not going to be able to study painting like she was promised. Now she must escape and make her way to a fabled place called Califia where they take in strays. But in order to get there she will have to travel hundreds of miles through plague deadened lands filled with rebels, gangs and wild animals.

Carey has written a novel that is a cross between Cormac McCarthy's The Road and Margaret Atwater's Handmaid's Tale. It captures the fear and desperation a post-plague world. Readers will race to the library to find the second book as soon as they finish Eve.

Carey, Anna. (2011). Eve. New York: Harper.

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