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20 October 2012


Adaptation by Malinda Lo is new science fiction book. Lo is an awesome writer whose previous YA books have been lesbian fantasy stories while this novel takes place in the near future when something goes wrong with the birds...

Reese Holloway and David Li are in Arizona with their debate teacher. They made it to the national debates but lost last night. Now the three of them are waiting at the airport for their delayed flight. As Reese looks out the window onto the tarmac she sees two birds plummet to the ground. Then, on the news playing in the background, there is word of a plane crash - apparently caused by a bird strike. Soon all air travel is grounded as birds strike other planes.

It looks like Reese, David and their teacher will have to drive home to San Francisco. That night, Reese is driving when they crash due to a bird flying right at the car. When she awakes she is in some kind of hospital and things in the US have changed from what she was used to from before.

Reese and David are driven back to San Francisco, but they don't feel like themselves. And there is now a curfew for the city. Reese's best friend is convinced there is a conspiracy behind the birds and curfew - but he is also convinced that since Reese crashed in Arizona, she must have been in Area 51 - where the government keeps the aliens.

Lo has written an edge-of-your-seat science fiction thriller with great characters who are trying to figure out their changing world. Previous fans will not be disappointed in this new direction - there is still a lesbian love story. There is a rumor that this is the first book in a series...

Lo, Malinda. (2012). Adaptation. New York: Little, Brown and Company.

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