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05 October 2012

The Key (Magnificent 12 #3)

The Key by Michael Grant is the third book in his Magnificent 12 series about twelve twelve year-olds who will have to save the world from an ancient evil that is about to resurface.

Mack MacAvoy has been traveling the world over to find the other eleven kids who are required to save the world. There are now five of them together and they are on their way to Scotland to find a key that will help them with the ancient magical language of Vargran.

If Mack and friends can get the Key they will travel to France to find more of the Magnificent 12. However, they will have to fight Risky, the evil's daughter, and her henchmen along the way.

Grant has created an adventure series with laugh-out-loud humor that will appeal to a wide audience. People of all ages should read this series.

Grant, Michael. (2012). The Key. New York: Tegan Books.

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