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28 March 2018

Tempest and Slaughter (Numair Chronicles #1)

Tempest and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce is the start to her latest Tortall series – one of the best fantasy worlds ever created in young adult fiction. If you have not read Tamora Pierce, get started today!

In the land across the Inland Sea from Tortall, Arram Draper is in magic school at the Imperial University of Carthak. As a foreigner and younger than his classmates, he does not have many friends. But when his magic gets out of control, showing the masters that his gift is strong, he is moved up to the higher classes. Here he is even younger, but meets Varice and Prince Ozorne, who quickly become his best friends and protectors.

Varice is a strong witch who is interested in practical applications for music. She spends much time in the kitchen learning cooking magic, even though it is thought of as a lower form of magic. Ozorne, seventh in line for the throne of Carthak, is focused on battle magic and types that will help him in the world of politics – even though as the seventh prince there is little chance he will see the throne.

Arram Draper is an especially strong mage whose focus will include water magic, healing arts and an ability to speak to gods – which fans of Tamora Pierce know is not necessarily a good thing!

This new series in the Tortall cannon, is as wonderful as fans would expect. Pierce is a master of story-telling. READ the Tortall books! Buy some today! Do not wait, you are missing out if you have not started yet!

Pierce, Tamora. (2018). Tempests and Slaughter. New York: Random House.

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14 March 2018

A Rising Thunder (Honor Harrington #13)

A Rising Thunder by David Weber is the thirteenth book in his science fiction, space opera featuring the amazing Honor Harrington. After years of war between the star nation of Manticore and the republic of Haven things were coming to an end when a new enemy snuck in and attacked Manticore’s home worlds. Combined with rising tensions with the Sol system this could spell trouble for Manticore.

Weber’s series features one of my favorite fiction characters. Honor Harrington started out as a captain in the Manticore Space Navy. Now she is one of the most powerful figures in her star empire. Filled with politics, military strategy, and (at this point) more characters than I can count, this is still one of my favorite series. If you are a fan of science fiction, strong female lead characters, space opera, politics, military fiction or just good story-telling, read this series. Start with this series, or the companion young adult series about Honor’s ancestor Stephanie Harrington.

Weber, David. (2012). A Rising Thunder. New York: Baen.

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