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20 April 2017

War of Honor (Honor Harrington #10)

War of Honor by David Weber is the tenth book in his science fiction series featuring Honor Harrington.

The war between the star kingdom of Manticore and the star nation of Haven has reached a cease fire. The timing has possibly saved one side from outright losing the war. Treaty negotiations are going slowly – no solely due to the enormous distance between home worlds of the two governments.

In Manticore the parliamentary style government has changed parties. The new leaders have no use for the Navy. They plan to systematically take money from the Navy to bolster social programs that have suffered due to the war. They don’t have any impetus to reach a treaty with Haven because then the war funding they are syphoning off will dry up.

The new government, due to some previous personality clashes, wants Honor Harrington away from the spotlight, and unable to speak against their policies. So when they see an un-winnable situation forming, they put her in charge – sure that the “Salamander” will either make them look good or die in the process.

Weber is a great science fiction author. This series is one of the few military science fiction / space opera series with a female lead character. And Honor is an amazing protagonist!

Weber, David. (2002). War of Honor. New York: Baen.

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