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17 October 2012

Black List (Scot Harvath #11)

Black List by Brad Thor is the eleventh book in his Scot Harvath series about a highly trained special forces soldier who has served in many capacities for the United States and is now working with the private military/security company The Carlton Group.

When Scot Harvath arrived at the Paris safe house he was surprised to see a member of the all-female Delta force group The Athena Project - but not nearly as surprised as when someone start shooting at them in the doorway.

Now Scot is on the run. He knows that protocol is to find a way out of France and to a safe location where he can contact Reed Carlton. After contacting Carlton through Skype his hiding place is attacked.

The superhacker known as "The Troll" is on his way to Texas. He has been contacted by one of his few true friends Caroline Romero who works for ATS - basically the computer securities division of the NSA (although technically ATS is a private corporation).

Thor has written a great thriller that will grab readers from page one and not let go until the very last word. Black List is what a military, espionage thriller should be.

Thor, Brad. (2012). Black List. New York: Atria Books.

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