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31 December 2011

Against the Law (Raines of Wild Canyon #3)

Against the Law by Kat Martin is the third book in her Raines of Wild Canyon series.

Devlin Raines is semi-retired from Raines Investigations. He only gets involved if the investigation is really interesting or he gets bored. But when a friend he was an Army Ranger with sends him a beautiful client he decides to help.

Lark Delaney promised her dying sister that she would find the baby her sister gave up for adoption. She is to make sure that the girl is well cared for by her adopted family. All she has to go on is the name of an adoption agency in Phoenix - one that no longer exists.

As Dev and Lark investigate, they find that the agency was not licensed in Arizona. That fact alone makes the adoption illegal, but Lark only wants to check on the child, not take her home. But when they find the adoptive parents all is not well.

Martin has written a fast-paced romantic adventure involving everything from hunky ex-soldiers and cowboys to drug cartels to kidnapping and murder. This is a great read.

Martin, Kat. (2011). Against the Law. New York: Mira.

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30 December 2011

Against the Fire (Raines of Wild Canyon #2)

Against the Fire by Kat Martin is the second book in her Raines of Wind Canyon series. The three Raines brothers grew up in Wind Canyon, Wyoming. The oldest brother, Jackson, lives there again. Gabriel lives in Dallas. And Devlin lives in Arizona.

Gabe is a real estate developer. He started out buying houses and fixing them up to sell. Now he has his own construction company and is working on multiple projects in Dallas. A fire at one of his projects brings him downtown in the middle of the night.

The police suspect a teen who is in the crowd. After Gabe picks him out of a line up, he is visited by Mattie Baker - an architect who volunteers her time to help families recovering from violence. Mattie is convinced that Angel Ramirez is innocent.When the second fire is started it begins to look like someone is after Gabriel Raines.

Martin has written a fast-paced suspense that will keep readers on their toes. Between the flames and the attraction between the main characters, readers will stay up all night finishing the book.

Martin, Kat. (2011). Against the Fire. New York: Mira.

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22 December 2011

A Rake's Guide to Pleasure (Huntington #2)

A Rake's Guide to Pleasure by Victoria Dahl is her second historical romance about the Huntington family.

The Dowager Lady Denmore, Emma, has come to London to raise some money. Her plan is to apply her skills at gambling to win the money she needs to live off of for the rest of her life. She plans to be gone before the Season begins and people who may recognize her come back to town.

When the Duke of Somerhart, one of London's most notorious bachelors, sees Emma he is immediately intrigued. Most ladies do not gamble. And none are likely to stand up to him in spite of his title. But Emma is not the usual Lady. In fact, she is not a Lady at all. She has never been married and has lied about everything in her quest for independence.

When the Duke begins to interfere with her plans, Emma tries to ignore their attraction. She only has a short time to make her money and be off. But fate has another plan for both of them.

Dahl is a writer who takes romance to a new level - both sexy and humorous, her stories capture readers and take them on a wild ride. This book is no exception with its nonconforming characters and the situations they get themselves into. A great read.

Dahl, Victoria. (2008). A Rake's Guide to Pleasure. New York: Zebra Books.

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19 December 2011

Against the Wind (Raines of Wind Canyon #1)

Against the Wind by Kat Martin is the first book in her Raines of Wind Canyon series.

Sarah Allen and her daughter Holly are moving back to the town Sarah grew up in - Wind Canyon, Wyoming. They have been living in Los Angeles. After the murder of Sarah's husband she needs a change. Though she has no ties left in Wind Canyon, she loved the town growing up.

Jackson Raines moved back to Wind Canyon a few years ago. After high school and an attempt at wrestling in the Olympics, he is ready to become a rancher. When he moved home he bought Raintree Ranch.

Sarah has rented a cabin on the Raintree Ranch. And for the first time she will be using her degree in journalism to work at the local newspaper. Sarah is ready to start her life over. Unfortunately, her late husband's shady business dealings have men coming after Sarah to find some information they are sure Sarah has inherited. Jackson will have to step in to save Sarah and Holly from a dangerous situation.

Martin's book captures the feel of living in the wide open country of Wyoming. Her characters are well-developed and compelling. This first book is a promising hint of what is to come with the rest of the Raines of Wind Canyon series.

Martin, Kat. (2011). Against the Wind. New York: Mira.

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15 December 2011

The Desert Spear (Demon Cycle #2)

The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett is the second book in his brilliant Demon Cycle series. In a world where demons rise in the darkness and people hide behind magic wards to keep them at bay, some are beginning to fight back. Wards for combat instead of defense will allow the rise of a Deliverer who will lead humans in the next Demon War.

Ahmann Jardir of Krasia, a desert kingdom in the South, claims that he is the Deliverer, or Shar'Dama Ka. His people have put every faith in him and his rise to power believing that he will lead them to victory over the demons. But first they are to conquer the people of greenlands in the north - to unite them under Jardir's word.

Arlen Bales from Tibbet's Brook, Leesha Paper from Cutter's Hollow, and Rojer Inn of Riverbridge have already begun to teach people to fight the demons. The village of Cutter's Hollow even changed it's name to Deliverer's Hollow after a battle in which most every able citizen fought - the first time people in the North have fought back outside of folk tales.

But the legend does not allow for two Deliverers. Eventually, either Arlen or Ahmann must prove to be the true Deliverer.  This sequel continues the story with the intensity readers enjoyed in the Warded Man. This fantasy series is amazing and would hold its own against any other fantasy series I have read. Start reading it today!

Brett, Peter V. (2011). The Desert Spear. New York: Ballantine Books.

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14 December 2011


Blackout by John Rocco is a great picture book about the New York City blackout of 2003.

The young girl in the story is bored. She wants someone to pay attention to her but her family is busy - her sister is on the phone, her mother is on the computer, and her father is cooking dinner. She gives up and goes to her room to play video games.

But then the lights go out. This story is told in a simple but beautiful illustrations which is highlighted on the page that shows the New York skyline as it usually is then as it fades to black.

Suddenly, the family has time to spend together. They make shadow animals and are having a good time. When the August heat drives them outside they meet up with their neighbors - as everyone in the city with roof access was outside hoping for a breeze.

Rocco captured the feel of the city in a blackout - neighbors come together and have impromptu feasts to consume all of the perishable food, they wander around the city and glory in the silence, and they look at the stars (which are only visible in a blackout). This book is a must read for any New Yorker who was here for the 2003 blackout and really anyone who has spent a great family evening huddled together around a flashlight or candles entertaining each other.

Rocco, John. (2011). Blackout. New York: Hyperion.

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07 December 2011

To Tempt a Scotsman (Huntington #1)

To Tempt a Scotsman by Victoria Dahl is the first book in her Huntington series of historical romance. This was her first published novel.
Lady Alexandra Huntington does not conduct herself like the average Lady in Yorkshire in 1844. She runs the estate of her brother, the Duke. She does not follow the rules of the Ton because she has had a scandal and is now free of the game to find a husband.

Collin Blackburn swore to his father to track down the man who killed his brother in a duel of Lady Alexandra. He has an idea of what to expect when he meets her but she is nothing like he imagined her to be.

Now that she has met him, Alexandra thinks that maybe being a fallen woman has it advantages. She can have an affair with Collin and not have to marry him. But once she kissed him they cannot get each other out of their heads.

Dahl is known for her contemporary romance and the humor she adds to plot and dialogue. Her historical romance is just a high quality and fun to read. Dahl is a great choice for any romance readers who need a book to read.

Dahl, Victoria. (2007). To Tempt a Scotsman. New York: Zebra Books.

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05 December 2011

The Trap (Magnificent 12 #2)

The Trap by Michael Grant continues the story of the Magnificent 12 - twelve children who must work together to save the world from a force that is about to be released.

In the first book, Mack MacAvoy was told that he was one of the twelve. He was given a credit card to fund his trip and told to go to Australia to find another of the twelve. He found Jarrah.

Now Mack and Jarrah, along with Mack's bully, are off to find others. They will travel to China based on a hard to decipher clue given to Mack.

But with only 34 days left to gather, they need to work faster. Of course the minions of the ancient evil about to rise is trying to stop them.

Grant is a humorous a writer as Jasper Fforde. He puts his characters through the impossible and reader run along for a wild ride.

Grant, Michael. (2011). The Trap. New York: Katherine Tegan Books.

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04 December 2011

Future Perfect

Future Perfect by Suzanne Brockmann has been reprinted. It was her first romance novel as show that though her novels have gotten better she was great to begin with.

Juliana Anderson owns a bed and breakfast with her great aunt. It is located in Benton, Massachusetts. It is in a Victorian mansion and when guests are present, Julia and Alicia dress and act in period costumes.

Webster Donovan is an author. He is quickly approaching his next deadline and has not written even the outline for his next book. He thinks that a quiet B&B is a great place to think and catch up. He has booked a suite for six weeks.

Brockmann has written a sweet tale of romance and friendship that readers will love.

Brockmann, Suzanne. (1993). Future Perfect. New York: Bantam.

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03 December 2011

The Great Bazaar and Other Stories (Demon Cycle)

The Great Bazaar and Other Stories by Peter V. Brett is a collection of stories related to his Demon Cycle series. It is like a deleted scenes from The Warded Man

Included in the book is the original short story about Arlene -  the title character in the Warded Man. This is a great bonus for fans of the series.

Brett, Peter V. (2010). The Great Bazaar and Other Stories. Burton, MI: Subterranean Press.

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