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30 September 2012

VIva Jacquelina! (Bloody Jack #10)

Viva Jacquelina! Being the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, Over the Hill and Far Away by LA Meyer is the tenth book in the Bloody Jack series - an historical adventure series featuring a spunky young woman who refused to follow society's rules about her place.

After escaping from a life sentence to the Australia colony, Jacky and her friends are on their way back to the northern hemisphere. Jacky is ready for a quiet life of sailing. However, British Intelligence has other ideas for her. She is being sent to Spain where the British are helping the Spanish rebels fight the occupying French.

Being that Jacky had already served with Napoleon, she should have some insight into the expected French attack plans. But when her general is relieved of duty and sent back to London, he tells Jacky to make her way to Madrid and spy on the French there.

Now Jacky will find herself in the home of Francisco Goya, the painter, trying to earn back some of the money stolen from her by posing as a model. But as nothing with Jacky is that straight forward, she will have adventures that range from running with the bulls to learning the flamenco to living with a gypsy caravan.

Meyer has created the most delightful character in Jacky and fans will continue to wait impatiently for the next book while occasionally rereading the whole series just to laugh out loud again at her outrageous adventures.

Meyer, LA. (2012). Viva Jacquelina! New York: Harcourt.

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