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13 October 2012

A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher #17)

A Wanted Man by Lee Child is the seventeenth book in his Jack Reacher series about an ex-military cop who is wandering the United States and keeps stumbling upon scenes where his training and detective skills can be of use.

In Nebraska a man is murdered by two men in black suits. Roadblocks are set up looking for them in a red car. FBI Agent Julia Sorenson is sent to the town where the murder occurred to begin an investigation.

Also in Nebraska, Jack Reacher is dropped off by a driver whose direction is going the opposite of where Reacher is headed. After some time in the cold on the side of a highway, he is picked up by two men and a woman who are headed East. While Reacher is glad of the ride, he thinks that all three of the people in the car are lying about something.

Child has written another exciting thrill ride in this series featuring a great character who makes his own rules to bring people to his sense of justice.

Child, Lee. (2012). A Wanted Man. New York: Delacourte Press.

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