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04 July 2009

The Apostle (Scot Harvath #8)

The Apostle is the latest Brad Thor book featuring Scot Harvath.

Harvath has been an Olympic skier, a Navy SEAL, a Secret Service Agent, and an agent of the Office International Investigative Assistance in the Department of Homeland Security. But now, with the election of a new president, he finds himself out of work.

Before he can entertain the idea of finding a new job, the new president - the very man who closed the OIIA office - calls him for a meeting.

A doctor working in Afghanistan has been kidnapped. She is the daughter of the woman who basically got the president elected, the owner of a large media network.

Now Scot is going to Afghanistan - without back up. He is not working for the government or the president but a private citizen. He has all of the money he could need but will have to rely on old friends to be his support as he goes up against one of the highest ranking men in the Taliban.

Thor's Scot Harvath, though not actually bulletproof, is practically unstoppable. He is the type of hero we all hope is out there protecting the good guys. Thor's books are impossible to put down once you start reading - so clear your calendar before you begin reading!

Thor, Brad. (2009). The Apostle. New York: Atria Books.

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