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24 July 2009

Movie: The Secrets

The Secrets is a beautiful Israeli movie about love and knowledge.

Naomi wants to postpone her wedding for a year to study at the first women's yeshiva in Israel. She moves to Sfat to immerse herself in Torah with other young women who have a quest for knowledge beyond what is generally required for an Orothodox wife and mother - which is likely to be her role in life.

Michel is a bad girl who grew up in Europe and is at the seminary partly as a punishment. She has little desire to study and is not concerned about finding a husband like many of the other students.

Together they are assigned to deliver food to a woman who is ill. She is someone who is overcome with guilt and trying to find a way to make peace with G-d before she dies. Naomi and Michel agree to help her by studying ancient texts for rituals.

Ania Bukstein
Michal Shtamler
Fanny Ardant
Adir Miller

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