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12 January 2008

Scot Harvath Series by Brad Thor

The books by Brad Thor featuring Scot Harvath are about impossible to put down.

Harvath is an former Olympic downhill skier, ex-Navy SEAL and an ex-Secret Service agent. The is now in a position that is part of Home Land Security. But he only answers to his direct boss, Gary Lawlor, and the president.

In The Lions of Lucerne Scot is working as a Secret Service agent on the presidential detail. During a plot to kidnap the president, Scot saves not only the president, but his daughter.

In Path of the Assassin Scot battles a terrorist group calling itself the Hand of God.

In State of the Union Manhattan is taken over and Scot must find a way to stop the terrorists before they can detonate suitcase-sized nuclear weapons.

In Blowback an ancient weapon is discovered and Scot must act to stop it before it is used against the US.

In Takedown, the terrorists capture Manhattan. It is up to Scot to save the tiny island and everyone on it.

And in the latest installment, The First Commandment, the president broke the first commandment when negotiating with terrorist - don't. The release of suspected terrorists leads to revenge killings against everyone Scot loves. He must find out not only who is doing it, but why the president has forbidden him from trying to find out.

Thor, Brad. (2007). The First Commandment. New York: Atria Books.

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