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14 July 2009

Black Hills

Black Hills is the latest novel by Nora Roberts. Not surprisingly, it takes place in North Dakota.

Since the summer when Cooper Sullivan was eleven he considered his home to be in North Dakota with his grandparents. In spite of that, he grew up in New York. Each summer and break that he could, he went to the ranch in South Dakota.

On his first visit, along with meeting his grandparents for the first time, he met Lil. He and Lil became best friends. That first day they were together, playing baseball behind the barn, they came across a mountain lion.
Copper's reaction was fear; Lil's reaction was fascination.

Years later, Cooper retires from his career and moves to the ranch to help out his aging grandparents. Lil still lives next door. She has opened a wildlife refuge for big cats.

But not everyone thinks that the wildlife refuge is a good thing. Someone is stalking Lil, taunting her. If they don't find him, Lil will lose her life and Cooper will lose the only woman he has ever loved.

Though I am not a huge reader of Nora Roberts, her romantic suspense books can be quite fun to read. This one had the setting I was interested in reading at the time - a ranch in the Black Hills.

One sentence review: The eccentric group of characters who live in Lunacy, Alaska will not let Nate Burke lead the quiet, peaceful life he was hoping for when he took the job as chief of police 3,000 miles from his old life in Baltimore.

Roberts, Nora. (2009). Black Hills. New York: Putnam.

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