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20 July 2009

Sword Masters

Sword Masters by Selina Rosen is, in spite of the cheesy cover, a great book for anyone who likes medieval battles, lesbian warriors, Xena, or fighting against religious zealots.

In order to fight the Amalites, Tarius poses as a man and travels across the sea to Jethrik to become a sword master. Her skill already far surpass most Sword Masters. But she is willing to be subjected to their training and strange ideas to avenge her family.

Her plans to hide as a man and fight works until Jean, the daughter of the man who runs the sword school, falls in love with her.

Now, even though she has saved the life of the King in battle, if anyone finds out that she is a woman, she may be killed. Tarius does not care about herself, but doesn't want anything to hurt Jena.

Sword Masters follows Tarius and her quest to rid the world of the Amalite horde - a religious cult whose god tells them to kill everyone who thinks differently from themselves. They will stop at nothing until they rule the world. Tarius knows that until the last of the Amalite warriors and priests are dead, not will be safe from invasion. But she also has to deal with the fact that her gender cannot stay hidden forever and there will be life-altering consequences when she is found out.

Put a post-it on the cover to reduce embarrassment, and read it!

Rosen, Selina. (2008). Sword Masters. Calgary: Dragon Moon Press.

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