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01 July 2009

Traitor (Boy Soldier #1)

Traitor (called Boy Soldier in the UK) by Andy McNab is the first book in the Boy Soldier series.

Danny Watts has his future planned. He will be accepted to the British Army officer training program. They will pay for him to go to University and then Military Academy. He knows he did well on the tests.

However, there is one problem with his background check. His grandfather, a man he has never met, was a SAS traitor. He was captured in Colombia, sent to prison, and pulled off a major escape. Now he is on the run.

Danny is so mad that he decides to track down his grandfather and turn him in... but is he playing right into the hands of the real traitor?

This first book is in the style of other YA espionage novels - CHERUB and the Alex Rider series. It is a fun way to spend an afternoon though not as intense as the adult versions. McNab is actually an SAS member, so he knows all of the details to include.

McNab, Andy and Robert Rigby. (2005). Traitor. New York: Speak.

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