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29 July 2009

Storm Cycle

Storm Cycle is the second book by mother and son writing team Iris and Roy Johansen.

Rachel Kirby has always been driven. She has made a career out of the two most important things in her life - computers and her sister. She is racing against the clock to find a cure for the disease that is threatening her sister's life.

John Tavak is a genius, literally, and because of it, he gets bored easily. He has tried most high risk professions just to keep life interesting. Currently he is a treasure hunter. He is on the trail of an ancient Egyptian doctor's cures - rumored to be more advanced that current medicine in many fields.

In order to continue his quest, he steals computing power from Rachel's supercomputer. But once she is on to him she may be willing to help him - one of the promised cures could save her sister's life.

This Indiana Jones meets computer nerd thriller is a race around the world for clues hidden almost 4,000 years ago. Readers of adventure sprinkled with history and science will be pleased.

Johansen, Iris & Roy. (2009). Storm Cycle. New York: St. Martin's Press.

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