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25 July 2009

Country Girl, City Girl

Country Girl, City Girl by Lisa Jahn-Clough is a story about discovery.

Phoebe lives on a farm in Maine. She lives with her father and brother. Her mother died when she was two. She doesn't have many friends - partly because she lives so far out of town - and spends most of her time reading and taking pictures.

When the daughter of her mother's best friend from college comes to stay for the summer, Phoebe is not sure how she feels about it. Melita is from the city. She was born in New York and has lived all over the place. Her mother is an actor and Melita herself has even done some commercials.

How will Phoebe and Melita get along? What will they have in common? And how will Phoebe react when she discovers that she is falling in love with Melita?

Country Girl, City Girl is a sweet book that introduces readers to two different ways of life and gently portrays new love between friends.

Jahn-Clough, Lisa. (2004). Country Girl, City Girl. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

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