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01 September 2015

Everything Leads to You

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour is a the story of a mystery in the middle of a Hollywood movie.

Emi and Charlotte are best friends. They are days away from graduating from high school and are already working as interns on a movie. Emi is helping with set design and Charlotte is assistant to the art director.

For the final piece of furniture to complete the room Emi is designing herself, she needs the perfect sofa. Among the many garage and estate sales, Emi finds herself in the home of the iconic actor Clyde Jones - the biggest star of the American Western.

As huge fans, Emi and Char pick out a belt buckle (for Emi's brother Toby) and a Patsy Cline record. When they get back to Toby's apartment to play the record they get two surprises: Toby is giving them his apartment for two months while he scouts locations in Europe with the promise that something epic happens while he is gone. And a letter falls out of the Patsy Cline record.

A letter addressed to Caroline Maddox, in the handwriting of Clyde Jones - to be delivered in the event of his death - sends Emi and Char on a mystery. It will not be as simple as going to the address on the envelope - Caroline Maddox has not lived there for at least three years.

LaCour has created a lovely novel with elements of mystery, romance, movie magic, friendship and more, peopled with great characters. She made a book about LA and Hollywood, neither of which I am remotely interested in, into a delightful story.

LaCour, Nina. (2014). Everything Leads to You. New York: Dutton Books.

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