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12 September 2015

American Gods

American Gods by Neil Gaiman is the tale of what happens when people move to America, bringing their gods with them - and then, over time, forgetting the old gods.

Shadow is about to be released from prison after three years. He is getting nervous that something will happen to stop him from going home to his wife. He senses a change coming in the air.

On his way home there is a man sitting next to him on the plane. The man seems to know a lot about Shadow and offers him a job. But Shadow had a job all lined up. He was going back to his old job at his best friend's gym. Only now everything has changed.

After getting off of the plane at a stop along the way, Shadow rents a car to drive the rest of the way. When he stops at a bar in the middle of nowhere for food, the man from the plane is waiting for him.

The man, calling himself Wednesday, really wants Shadow to work for him. He is on the road and could use someone to watch his back. By the end of the night, he has convinced Shadow to work for him.

Now they are crisscrossing the United States while Wednesday tries to get an eclectic group of mostly older people to promise to join him. He knows a war is coming and they have to band together to stand against the new order.

Gaiman has written a great story of gods from all over the world and how they are trying to get by in the US without the support of people worshiping them. This is a fun book.

Gaiman, Neil. (2001). American Gods. New York: Harper Torch.

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