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31 August 2015

All Our Pretty Songs (Metamorphoses #1)

All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry is the first book in her Metamorphoses trilogy.

Friends since birth, two girls will have to choose between love and their friendship. Set in the Pacific Northwest, Aurora and the unnamed narrator are as close as sisters. Though they look like opposites - both in dress, houses and economic class - they are inseparable. Their mothers were best friends when they were younger, too.

During the summer before their senior year a musician comes to town; both girls are drawn to him. Jack has a musical gift, his playing put people into a kind of trance. Even though everyone else has picked Aurora, Jack likes the narrator. But she and Aurora are not the only ones who have noticed Jack's gift. His music has called a magic from below. A magic that may have been why Aurora's musician father disappeared when she was a kid.

It is up to the narrator to protect the people she loves - if she can - while they are drawn to the dark forces. How can they not see the sinister side like she can? And once they decide, how can she stop them?

McCarry, Sarah. (2013). All Our Pretty Songs. New York: St. Martin's Griffin.

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