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19 September 2015

Half a King (Shattered Sea #1)

Half a King by Joe Abercrombie is the first book in his Shattered Sea series - about a prince who was never meant to be king.

Prince Yarvi is about to take the test to become a Minister. He has been studying most of his life. As the second son of the king he would not be king anyway, but being born with a deformed hand and unable to yield a sword doesn't help.

A few days before he leaves for the city across the sea where the High King lives, Yarvi's brother and father are killed. Suddenly he is the king of Gettland. His first duties are to bury his family and then lead a raid on the neighboring king who killed them.

His uncle has promised to keep him safe and fight by his side, but it is a set up. The uncle who was always kind is about to kill him and take over the throne.

When Yarvi falls over the side of the tower he is presumed dead. His uncle wants the body to bring back as proof of his death in battle. But Yarvi is not dead. He landed in the sea and somehow survived. Now he is alone in a foreign land.

Abercrombie has created a wonderful character in Price Yarvi. The trials and torture to which he is subjected form a great story and fine beginning to this series. Wonderful read.

Abercrombie, Joe. (2014). Half a King. New York: Del Rey.

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