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14 September 2015


Adrift by Paul Griffin is a survival story about five teen off of Long Island, New York.

Matt and John are working in the Hamptons for the summer. They are from Queens and are trying to save money for college. They both work more than one job.

During their job selling ice cream on the beach, Matt and John meet three rich kids. Driana is from Manhattan and her cousin Stef and her boyfriend Jojo are visiting from Rio. Dri invites Matt and John to a party at her father's house.

Matt is instantly smitten with Driana. John does not want to hang out with them at all, but usually follows Matt.

When they see Dri and Jojo a couple of nights later they are looking for Stef. It seems she has borrowed the neighbor's wind surfing board and is hitting the waves - in the dark. Jojo and Dri are going after her with a small boat. Matt and John join them.

After they catch up to Stef, they are surprised to see how far out they have drifted. Since it doesn't seem like anyone has used the boat for a long time, there is not much fuel. They do not have enough to make it back to shore.

What follows is five teens stranded at sea and the tensions between them. As the story unfolds readers will learn of the character's pasts and the story becomes more complex than a simple boat adrift.

Griffin, Paul. (2015). Adrift. New York: Scholastic Press.

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