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04 September 2015

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli is a coming of age story and a coming out story - sparked by blackmail.

Simon Spier is not out about the fact that he is attracted to boys. He has never said the words out loud. But while visiting an online board he found someone else as his school who is gay and not out. Now, using fake names, they have been emailing each other for a while. Simon is relieved to have someone to confide in - someone who understands the fears about coming out. He and Blue have a great friendship online and have no idea if they have classes together during school.

Then his secret email account is discovered. Simon checked his email at school and somehow forgot to log out. Now Martin is blackmailing him. He wants Simon to make it possible for him to hang out with Abby - one of Simon's good friends. Simon has to decide how to react - does he hang out with Martin and Abby so his secret is kept. Or should he figure out a way to come out before he can be outed.

Albertalli has written a moving and funny novel of coming out. She captures the feelings of what it is like to want to come out to the people you love with the fear of rejection. The online relationship gives both Simon and Blue someone to talk to in confidence, discussing thing they never would have the courage to talk about in person. This is a really sweet book.

Albertalli, Becky. (2015). Simon vs. the Home Spiens Agenda. New York: Blazer & Bray.

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