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22 September 2015

Wildest Dreams (Thunder Point #9)

Wildest Dreams by Robyn Carr is the ninth book in her Thunder Point romance series - set in the Oregon coastal town of Thunder Point. The series follows many characters in town and allow readers to see what previous main characters are doing now.

Lin Su Simmons has been working as a nurse for Winnie Banks for a couple of months. She and her son Charlie almost feel like a part of the family. Lin Su has, as a single mother, done whatever she has to do to make life safe for Charlie. Her life has been devoted to his health.

Winnie and Charlie spend afternoons on the computer together. Charlie, who suffers from asthma, has spent much of his time indoors and feels more comfortable around adults. Over this summer he has met a couple of kids his age and is looking forward to going to school in Thunder Point.

Blake Smiley just bought the house next to Winnie. He is a professional triathlete who competes all over the world. Charlie is instantly in awe of Blake. Lin Su is not sure it is a good idea with Charlie's asthma. When the local doctor, Scott Grant, proscribes working out to strengthen Charlie's lungs and stamina, Blake volunteers to help. Not only is Charlie a great kid, but it will give him more excuses to talk to Lin Su.

Carr has created a lovely romance series around a beautiful small town on the ocean. Her characters are the kind of people you hope to live near.

Carr, Robyn. (2015). Wildest Dreams. New York: Mira.

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