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19 March 2009

Y The Last Man: Motherland (Y #9)

Y The Last Man: Motherland by Brian Vaughan and Pia Guerra is the ninth book in the Y series.

After following the train of Yorick's monkey Ampersand to China, Yorick, Allison, 355, and Rose (Allison's girlfriend) are captured by the evil Dr. M. Dr. M has broken through and successfully cloned a human. In fact, the doctor has a herd of cloned children.

Once they escape, 355 and Yorick are off to Paris to find Beth. Yorick has not seen Beth in almost 6 years, but knows she is looking for him, too. Hero, Yorick's sister, is also on her way to Paris to look for Beth.

Allison and Rose will begin repopulating the planet with clones of Yorick.

Vaughan, Brian and Pia Guerra. (2006). Y The Last Man: Motherland. New York: D.C. Comics.

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