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14 March 2009

Fall On Your Knees

Fall on Yours Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald is likely to be one of the most well written books you will ever read. MacDonald gets ideas across in succinct yet detailed sentences that capture the imagination. The book is so good that even when you decided you dislike almost every character, you will have to keep reading. (By the end you may like some of the characters again.)

This epic novel follows the Piper family from young James through his grandchildren as they grow, fight, and escape Cape Breton Island off of the coast of Nova Scotia.

Each character is beautiful and flawed and real - Materia who has a daughter she does not love; Kathleen who only cares about singing; Mercedes who hides behind her religion; Frances who is too bold for her own good; and Lily who is the saint. Each character whether part of the Piper family or outside is well developed and enticing.

It is no wonder this first book by MacDonald has won dozens of awards.

MacDonald, Ann-Marie. (1996). Fall on Your Knees. New York: Simon & Schuster.

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