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31 March 2009

Midnighters: The Secret Hour (Midnighters #1)

Midnighters: The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld is the first book in the Midnighter series.

Jessica Day just moved to Bixby, Oklahoma from Chicago. Since they moved she has been having strange dreams. Only they are not dreams.

There is an extra hour in the night but only for those who can see it. Most people do not notice any disturbance but they are frozen in time for 60 minutes each night. For those like Jessica, when in proximity to a special site - in this case Bixby - there is a blue hour at midnight.

Bixby already has some midnighters - those who can move around in the midnight hour - four students at her new school who have different powers at night. There is a Seer, a Mindcaster, an Acrobat, and a Polymath.

Now that Jessica has met them, they must find out what Jessica's power is and why the creatures who share the hour with them are following Jessica around town.

Westerfeld, Scott. (2004). Midnighters: The Secret Hour. New York: EOS.

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