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28 February 2009

Y The Last Man: Unmanned (Y #1)

Unmanned, the first book in the Y The Last Man series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra begins with a virus that kills everyone with a y chromosome - except Yorick Brown and his pet chimp Ampersand.

An unknown virus has instantly killed virtually every man on the planet. But somehow Yorick Brown lives. Now he is on his way to Washington, DC to find his mother who is a representative from Ohio.

His mother and the new President (former Sec. of Agriculture) send him to Boston to find the top scientist in cloning. It is up to him to save the human race - but all he wants to do if find his sister and his girlfriend.

Vaughan, Brian and Pia Guerra. (2002). Y The Last Man: Unmanned. New York: Veritigo.

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Blogger Rhetorical Tranny said...

I'm curious about your choice with Y. I have to say, I read it and was unimpressed.

03 March, 2009 22:20  
Blogger 71 said...

I noticed it because the sixth book is called Girl on Girl. But I have a mental block on starting a series in the middle.

04 March, 2009 12:16  

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