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24 March 2009

Sister Light, Sister Dark (Great Alta Saga #1)

Sister Light, Sister Dark by Jane Yolen is the first book in the Great Alta Saga.

Jenna was born in a small village but her mother died during labor. The midwife took her to the mountains to find the women of the Alta who would take in girls. The midwife was killed on the way by a mountain cat. Two warriors of the Alta found her and took her home.

In her new home there are only women. Of all of the Hames of Alta, this is the smallest. In each one girls at the age of seven choose a path to study for seven years before taking their vows. Jenna has chosen to become a warrior.

Like all warriors, Jenna must spend one year visiting the other Hames. On her way to the first, she finds a boy running for his life. She immediately offers her help but that promise may change the lives of every woman in the Hame.

Yolen, Jane. (1998). Sister Light, Sister Dark. New York: Tor.

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