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07 May 2013

The Wanderer (Thunder Point #1)

The Wanderer by Robyn Carr is the first book in her new Thunder Point series set in a small town along the Oregon coast.

Hank Cooper just found out that one of his good friends has died. So he packs up his toy hauler and drives to the Oregon coast to get the details. While his friend's death was ruled an accident by local law enforcement, Cooper is surprised to find out that his friend, Ben, has left him a bait shop/ bar and about 200 acres of amazing coastal land.

While his first thought is to sell, Cooper wants to learn more about Ben's life in Thunder Point and figure out what Ben would want to happen to the land. And though Cooper has not spent much time in any one place since the Army - moving all over the world following different helicopter pilot jobs - Thunder Point seems like a nice place to explore for a time.

Landon and his sister Sarah moved to Thunder Point a few months ago. Sarah is a Lt. Commander in the US Coast Guard and flies rescue helicopters. Landon is now the starting quarterback for Thunder Point high school.

Carr has created a charming small town in a beautiful location and filled it with characters who readers will love. Though technically a romance series, fans of realistic fiction who do not normally read romance will also enjoy this book. Look for more reviews of her books here soon.

Carr, Robyn. (2013). The Wanderer. New York: Mira.

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