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29 August 2015

Tumbledown (Sequel to Desolation Point)

Tumbledown by Cari Hunter, a sequel to Desolation Point, is a thriller that will have readers biting their nails until the end.

Alex Pascal and Sarah Kent survived a terrible chase through the wilderness in Washington state two years ago. After their ordeal and escape, the FBI told them to lay low. They were not put into witness protection, but there was a chance that the white supremacist group would try to find them to exact revenge for spoiling their plans.

Now Sarah and Alex, using a new last name, are living in a small town in Maine. Alex is on the local police force and Sarah is a first responder studying to become an EMT. Their lives are good. They still keep a watch around their cabin and have a good lock on the gate, but life is what they want it to be.

When Sarah gets called to assist with a birth (because the only ambulance near by has already pick up a heart attack case) she gets her picture in the local paper. When Sarah and Alex find the picture, they are worried that it will be seen. But it is such a small town...

Caleb Deakin has not stopped looking for the two women he blames for his father's death. He has paid a lot of money for a computer that will scan for their names and images each day. When he gets a hit he immediately packs for a trip to Maine.

Hunter has created another book that will keep readers up late for the thrill ride.

Hunter, Cari. (2014). Tumbledown. Valley Falls, NY: Bold Strokes Books.

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