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22 August 2015

The English Spy (Gabriel Allon #15)

The English Spy by Daniel Silva is the fifteenth book in his Gabriel Allon suspense / espionage series. Allon is an Israeli Mossad agent, though he has wanted to retire for years and keeps being pulled back in to take care of problems.

The death of an English princess sets off a series of investigations that quickly lead the head of MI-6 to conclude that there are only two men capable of capturing (or killing) the man responsible.  Graham Seymour meets with the head of the Office, Israeli's version of MI-6, and gets approval to contact Gabriel Allon.

Gabriel is about to become a father. His wife is about to give birth to twins. The last thing Gabriel wants is to hunt down an assassin - and one of the world's foremost bomb makers. But Gabriel does what needs to be done both to protect the innocent and to settle old debts.With the help of an ex-SAS officer who has turned assassin, Gabriel will hunt down the Real IRA bomber.

Silva is a masterful story teller. He is a brilliant writer. His books are fast-paced with realistic characters we hope are in the world protecting us. Start the Gabriel Allon series at the beginning with The Kill Artist. Or start with his WWII espionage masterpiece, An Unlikely Spy. You will  not be disappointed!

Silva, Daniel. (2015). The English Spy. New York: Harper.

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