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17 August 2015

A New Hope (Thunder Point #8)

A New Hope by Robyn Carr is the eighth book in her Thunder Point romance series. Thunder Point is a small, close-knit town on the Oregon coast. Carr's books do a great job in allowing readers to keep up with characters from previous novels in the series.

Ginger has been in Thunder Point for just a few months. She was sent to live with her aunt, Ray Anne, due to a depression her parents did not know how to help her through. Ray Anne gave her a make over and got her a part-time job at the local florist - things that she hoped would be small steps to getting Ginger out of her head.
Now Ginger loves her job. She is making good friends and she sees a future. 

Matt Lacomette has had a bad year himself. Since his divorce he has been know as Mad Matt by his family members - moping around without his previous lighthearted personality. And at his sister, Peyton's, wedding he made an ass of himself. Now he has to find the young woman he offended to apologize.

While neither Matt nor Ginger is ready to try another relationship, they hit it off right away. And both can use a friend.

Carr has created a lovely town filled with people who readers will befriend and keep in their memories for a long time to come.

Carr, Robyn. (2015). A New Hope. New York: Mira.

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