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25 July 2015

Desolation Point

Desolation Point by Cari Hunter is a race through the wilderness running from a madman.

Alex Pascal was a Los Angeles cop. When chasing brothers who were wanted for rape and torture, Alex was captured and tortured before her partner could find her. After multiple surgeries, Alex went back to work, but her heart was no longer in it. Eventually, she took a job in Washington on a small farm.

Sarah Kent was in a car accident with her sister and mother. She was the only one who survived. After months of surgeries and physical therapy, she decided to do some traveling and get out of England.

Sarah and Alex are both hiking in the North Cascades. A storm is moving in and Sarah is hoping for a couple more days before weather runs her off of the mountain. Alex is sure it will storm soon, but when she reaches the last boat out, two men tell her about Sarah and that she is still on the mountain. Alex decides to look for her.

After reaching the top, Sarah gets disoriented in the fog. After hiking for a while she hears voices. But the voices are not friendly. One belongs to an escape convict who is the target of a state-wide manhunt. When Sarah flees, she grabs a bag instead of her backpack, but she is too scared to go back because of the armed man behind her.

Hunter has written a fast-paced thriller set in an unforgiving wilderness. Her characters are well developed and compelling. Fans will be glad to know that there is a sequel, Tumbledown, that takes place a couple of years later.

Hunter, Cari. (2013). Desolation Point. Valley Falls, NY: Bold Strokes Books.

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