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30 August 2015


Looks by Madeleine George is a book about a new friendship.

Meghan Ball is practically invisible in her school - in spite of the fact that she is the largest person at Valley Regional High. People say things in front of her as if she is not there. She has no friends, but recognizes potential in a new student.

Aimee Zorn is as thin as Meghan is large. She is outwardly angry. And on the first day of her freshman year she sees a group of boys picking on a large girl and no one doing anything to stop it.

Meghan tries to warn Aimee when she starts to hang out with Cara. They are on the literary magazine together and Cara seems interested in her poetry. Meghan is sure it will end badly, like her friendship with Cara ended badly.

George has created a realistic book about how it feels to be different or invisible in high school. Her characters seem like stereotypes but are complete people who are not seen as whole by their shallow classmates. Looks is what can happen with the support of even one friend.

George, Madeleine. (2008). Looks. New York: Viking.

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