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15 August 2015

Taking the Heat (Girls Night Out #4)

Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl is the fourth book in her Girls Night Out romance series.

Veronica Chandler is Dear Veronica - an advice columnist for the Jackson paper. Her column is popular and readers assume she is an expert in love. But Veronica feels like a fraud. While she gives great advice, she has never been in love herself. She doesn't even let her friends know that after running away to New York to follow her dreams, it turned out she hated the city. Now she is home in Jackson Hole living in one of her father's buildings. To make matters worse, her boss has decided she should do a live advice show at the local pub.

Gabe MacKenzie is new to Jackson Hole. He is a librarian, specializing in digital collections. He has been hired by the Jackson public library to create a e-book collection. For Gabe, it is a dream job - good hours doing something he loves and lots of free time to rock climb. His coworker has asked him to join them for a night out - at a local advice show.

Dahl is a great writer who creates fully developed characters. Any of her books would break the stereotype that romance books are not well written or well developed. Her books are wonderful and sexy, filled with humor. Pick one up today!

Dahl, Victoria. (2015). Taking the Heat. New York: HQN.

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