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27 October 2008

The Unlikely Spy

The Unlikely Spy by Daniel Silva is a well researched look at the spy networks at play in World War II.

Professor Alfred Vicary is pulled into MI5 at the beginning of WWII to find the spies Germany is sneaking into England. Some spies are killed, some are imprisoned and some are turned- used to feed false information to the Nazis.

Kurt Vogel is in charge of a small network of sleeper agents who were placed in England before the war began. Catherine Blake has been working in a hospital waiting to be activated.
After six years it is her turn.

Blake is to find a way to meet an American engineer who has been sent to London to work on a large project that will - if pulled off - ensure the Allied invasion at Normandy.

Even knowing the outcome of the war, Silva captures readers and makes them wonder how the book will end. With so many double-agents and players on both sides it is a wonder any information could be trusted.

The Unlikely Spy was Daniel Silva's first book. He is currently working on the Garielle Allon series - about an Israeli assassin.

Sliva, Daniel. (1995). The Unlikely Spy. New York: Signet Books.

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