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29 June 2015

Flirting with Disaster (Girls Night Out #3)

Flirting with Disaster by Victoria Dahl is the third story in her Girls Night Out romance series - a series that follows her Jackson Hole series. The paperback also includes the novella that started the series - Fanning the Flames.

Isabelle West is a painter. She lives a fairly isolated life in a cabin in the mountains above Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She does have a few friends - her neighbor Jill and the women she meets for girls' night out every other week.

US Marshall Tom Duncan is in Jackson Hole on a case. A local judge is presiding over a case where the defendant's family has promised to stop the trial. Tom and his team will be staying at the judge's house - behind Isabelle's.

Isabelle is sure that Tom is there for her. She does not believe for a minute that there is another reason for his knock on her door. Isabelle has been on the run for years. Part of her hermit-like life is because she is actually hiding.

Dahl is a masterful storyteller whose novels of full of steamy characters and scenes, sprinkled with a dose of humor. She is my favorite romance writer.

Dahl, Victoria. (2014). Flirting with Disaster. New York: HQN.

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