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15 July 2015

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel volume 1, No Normal by G. Willow Wilson, and artist Adrian Alphona is the latest version of Ms. Marvel.

Kamala Khan is a New Jersey teen. She is a Pakistani-American Muslim who is a fangirl. She loves the Avengers. She is a normal teen until she sneaks out for a party one night after her parents tell her she cannot go to a party with boys and alcohol.

After just a few minutes at the party, she agrees that it is not a party for her. As she is leaving a strange fog descends on the town. She passes out, has a vision of the Avengers and wakes up with superpowers she doesn't know how to control.

At first Kamala appears to be Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. But once she realizes she can shape shift, she can find a look that fits with who she is better. A look that fits within her ideals and beliefs.

Wilson's Ms. Marvel is a more diverse character than the traditional superhero comic character. Kamala is great and the first book is about identity. If you are a fan of graphic novels or strong female characters read this series.

Wilson, G. Willow (2014). Ms. Marvel: No Normal. New York: Marvel Now.

Volume 2: Generation Why
Volume 3: Crushed

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