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28 July 2015


Hero by Perry Moore is a superhero story with a twist.

Thom Creed is a basketball start in high school but his teammates keep their distance. There is something about him that is different. And his father has an infamous history as the most popular superhero until a rescue went wrong and now he is an outcast.

Thom doesn't want to make his father's life harder so he is keeping secrets. Secrets about powers that he has. Secrets about who he likes. Secrets about who he wants to become.

When Thom is on a bus that is attacked by villains, he uses his healing powers to help the injured passengers. When the League superheroes show up to help, he is invited to a tryout to become a hero in training.

When Thom is assigned to a team of hero misfits - Scarlett who can control fire but not her temper, Larry who can infect people with diseases, Ruth who is an old lady who can see the future, and Golden Boy who has been demoted back to rookie - he does not tell his father. His father has no use for superheroes with powers. He didn't need powers in his day - plus they have been shunning him since his fall from glory.

Moore has created a fun hero story with some serious underlying themes. Thom is an unlikely hero with whom readers will fall in love.

Moore, Perry. (2007). Hero. New York: Hyperion.

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