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02 July 2015

Blood Will Tell (Point Last Seen #2)

Blood Will Tell by April Henry is the second book in her Point Last Seen mystery series about three teens who volunteer for Portland Search and Rescue.

Nick, Alexis and Ruby are still working toward their hours to become official Search and Rescue (SAR). They can be called to help with a search for a missing person or an evidence search. As long as they maintain their grades, they can leave school to help.

When the body of a woman is found, SAR is called to do an evidence search - basically a line of people crawling shoulder to shoulder looking for clues. They have one hour to meet at the Sheriff's office, but Nick has seen the ambulances and police go by and knows the scene is only a few blocks from home so he meets them there.

When the police find partial DNA on the body, Nick become a suspect. Alexis and Ruby know he did not do it. But the police see his drawings, video games and a large knife as signs of his guilt. Can his friends prove it wasn't him?

Henry has created a great, fast-paced mystery series with an interesting setting. The series reminds me of a young adult version of the Anna Pigeon books by Nevada Barr - set in National Parks where the setting is one of the characters.

Henry, April. (2015). Blood Will Tell. New York: Henry Hold and Company.

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