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29 July 2015

Behind the Scenes (Daylight Falls #1)

Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler is the first book in her Daylight Falls series.

Ally Duncan and Vanessa Park have been best friends since they were three. Now seventeen, Ally is a senior in high school and Vanessa is an actor in Hollywood. Though their lives are very different, they remain best friends.

Vanessa is auditioning for a role in the hot new teen drama Daylight Falls. She was going for the part of the best friend, but is surprisingly cast as the lead. Surprising because in Hollywood the lead is usually a blonde girl, not a Korean American.

Ally is dealing with her father's cancer treatments and school work. When the medical bills put Ally's dream of going to Columbia, Vanessa offers her a job as assistant. While Ally is jaded about Hollywood and hanging out on the set with the other actors, she agrees. What she finds is that not all actors live up to her stereotype. Liam Holloway, the male lead, is not only more beautiful in real life, he is smart and nice and funny.

Alder has created a fun romance story set in a world few people can access. Her characters are great and fans will be excited for the sequel, Under the Lights.

Adler, Dahlia. (2014). Behind the Scenes. Contooncook, NH: Spencer Hill Press.

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