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22 July 2015

Batwoman: Elegy

Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka, drawings by JH Williams, is Batwoman re-imagined by a genius. After a break in the series, due to the main character being stabbed in the heart, Rucka has brought back a great superhero and made her better.

Katherine Rebecca Kane is Batwoman. The path she took to get there is told in flashbacks through the book. Kate grew up in a military family. When she was young, she and her twin sister, along with their mother were in a car accident. It was a kidnapping. Her mother and sister were killed. After that, she vowed to follow in her father's footsteps and join the military to help make the world a better place.

Kate was on her way to becoming a fine soldier, but was separated from the military under Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 125, known as don't ask and don't tell. Because of the honor code, Kate could not lie and say she was not guilty of being a lesbian.

It was still a long journey from the military to becoming Batwoman, and Rucka and Williams tell it with style and depth. I am not usually a fan of graphic novels or comics, but this series is awesome. Continue after Elegy with: Vol 1: Hydrology; Vol 2: To Drown the World; Vol. 3: World's Finest; and Vol. 4: This Blood is Thick.

Rucka, Greg. (2010). Batwoman: Elegy. New York: DC Comics.

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