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26 November 2012

When She Woke

When She Woke by Hillary Jordan is a masterpiece of a dystopian novel that is soon to be considered a classic.

Hannah Elizabeth Payne has been convicted of murder. She will spend 30 days in a mirrored room while all of America watches. These 30 days will be her chance to try to get used to the fact that her skin has been died bright red - like a stop sign. She is sentenced to 16 years as a red for the crime of abortion.

In a future where the separation of church and state has blurred, using a virus to color people's skin according to their crime (yellow for misdemeanors, blue for child molester, and red for murder) and allowing them to live in society is seen as a deterrent. Only the most violent of criminals are locked up. But a life as a Chrome makes you a target for the righteous who feel a need to take action based on their interpretation of what God would want.

When She Woke has been called a dystopian Scarlet Letter. Jordan has created a thought-provoking thriller that will keep readers thinking about the many political, social and religious topics she weaves into the story. Amazing book!

Jordan, Hillary. (2011). When She Woke. New York: Workman Books.

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