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02 December 2012

The Inexplicables (Clockwork Century #5)

The Inexplicables by Cherie Priest is the fifth book in her Clockwork Century series - an alternate history of the US Civil War period.

Rector Sherman grew up in an orphanage. He was a child of the Blight - a poisonous gas that was released when a tunnel machine broke through an underground cavern - but now he is turning 18 and will have to make it on his own.

Rector uses Sap - a drug form of the gas - to escape his ugly life. But when he is high, he is haunted by the ghost of a young man he led into the ruined city of Seattle. As he has to begin a new life anyway, he decides to make his way into Seattle and find the body of his friend so he can be at rest.

Zeke, however, is not dead. He is living underground in the sealed off parts of the city. When people go above ground they must wear gas masks to prevent the gas from effecting them - and turning them into Rotters.

Fans of Priest will enjoy catching up with characters of previous books in the Clockwork Century series in this ode to the city of Seattle. Her steampunk is great - she is considered one of the best steampunk writers of today. If you have not read any steampunk and would like to begin, start with her book Boneshaker.

Priest, Cherie. (2012). The Inexplicables. New York: Tor.

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