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23 November 2012

Almost Home

Almost Home by Joan Bauer is the story of finding family.

Sugar Mae Cole uses the wisdom she learned from her grandfather to get through any difficult situations in her life. And she needs the advice from the autobiography he wrote when they lose their house and her mother decides to move them to Chicago for a job interview. When things don't work out, her mother gives up and is taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Sugar and her dog Shush enter the foster care system. She knows no one and doesn't know what to do. Luckily, after a false start, Sugar is placed with a wonderful couple to help to remind her of the hope there is in life.

Bauer has the skill to write children's books with difficult subjects without overwhelming young readers. Her stories are realistic, difficult, and ultimately hopeful and are an important addition to the cannon of young readers.

Bauer, Joan. (2012). Almost Home. NY: Viking.

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