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06 November 2012

Rogue (Robin Monarch #1)

Rogue by Mark Sullivan is the first book in his Robin Monarch series. Monarch is a CIA thief who walked away in the middle of a mission.

Monarch was raised by unorthodox parents and spent some time of the streets of Bueno Aires after they died. That childhood and time in the US Special Forces trained him to be the ultimate thief.

Now he is spending time with the wealthy - and occasionally liberating some of their expensive jewelry. But then he saves someone's life he is brought back to the job he walked away from.

Monarch, with the help of his team, will go after technology that could change the state of warfare - technology that, in the wrong hands, could change the balance of power forever. 

Sullivan has created a super-soldier, spy, thief with a conscience - a hero for readers of Jack Reacher books and the like. Check it out today.

Sullivan, Mark. (2012). Rogue. New York: St. Martin's Minotaur.

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